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Sigma Market Watch

Closing Bell

05-03 03:27pm

The market rebounded in todays session driven by the approval on the new investment law and foreign institutions buying appetites that recorded a net flow of EGP13.53Mn. The EGX30 Index soared 1.21% to record 9,575.98 points on total turnover of EGP479Mn. Arab and local institutions were net sellers recording net flows of EGP10.32Mn and EGP2.75 ... More

Halfway Mark

05-03 12:38pm

The market is improving in todays session with the EGX30 Index gaining 1.14% to record 9,569.12 points. Foreign institutions are net buyers recording a net flow of EGP2.70Mn as opposed to Arab and local institutions that are net sellers recording net flows of EGP5.45Mn and EGP2.94Mn respectively. Meanwhile, Egyptian and Arab retail investors are ... More

Market Warm-Up

05-03 09:11am

Cabinet to approve new investment law; GoE limits collection of value of commodities, services to EGP
Egypt's cabinet approved yesterday the draft law on investment aimed at making deals less vulnerable to legal disputes or changes in government, and reducing stifling bureaucracy. The new law will now be referred to President Abdel Fa ... More

News Watch

05/03 03:29 - ROTO Rowad Tourism (Al Rowad) (ROTO.CA) Reports Year Ended 31/12/2014 Consolidated Results

Company Name : Rowad Tourism (Al Rowad)
ISIN Code : EGS70281C018
Currency : EGP
F/S Consolidated Period : From 01/01/2014 To 31/ ...More...

05/03 03:25 - NIPH Release From Nile Pharmaceuticals (NIPH.CA) Concerning BOD's Meeting

Company Name : Nile Pharmaceuticals
ISIN Code : EGS38331C012
Reuters Code : NIPH.CA
Content : Release from the company regarding the BO ...More...

05/03 03:18 - EDFM Release From East Delta Flour Mills (EDFM.CA) Concerning Its Capital Structure

Company Name : East Delta Flour Mills
ISIN Code : EGS30351C018
Reuters Code : EDFM.CA
Content : Release regarding the client/ El Mothan ...More...

05/03 03:11 - SNFC Sharkia National Food (SNFC.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decisions

Company Name : Sharkia National Food
ISIN Code : EGS30291C016
Reuters Code : SNFC.CA
Content :
The Board Of Directors decisions h ...More...

05/03 03:10 - RUBX Release from Rubex Plastics (RUBX.CA) Concerning The Invitation Of The AGM

Company Name : Rubex Plastics
ISIN Code : EGS3A221C018
Reuters Code : RUBX.CA
Content :
Release from the company concerning the i ...More...

05/03 03:09 - TRTO Release From Trans Oceans Tours (TRTO.CA) Concerning The AGM Invitation

Company Name : Trans Oceans Tours
ISIN Code : EGS79072C012
Reuters Code : TRTO.CA
Content :
The company sent a release concerning ...More...

05/03 03:07 - EGCFE17 Egyptian Arab Land Bank - Aug 2017 Securitization Bonds - 2nd (EGCFE17=CA) Declares Bond Dividends f ...

Issuer Name : Egyptian Arab Land Bank - Aug 2017 Securitization Bonds - 2nd
ISIN Code : EGB600F1S026
Reuters Code : EGCFE17=CA
Interest ...More...

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