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Sigma Market Watch

Closing Bell

02-09 03:25pm

The market gained 1.82% with EGX30 closing at 9,623.63 points breaking the 9,500 resistance level at a turnover of EGP1,121Mn. Housing and real estate topped the list of the most active sectors with a turnover of EGP299.36Mn representing 26.70% of total market turnover. Palm Hills (PHDC) and Talaat Mustafa (TMGH) were the most active stocks closing ... More

Halfway Mark

02-09 12:00pm

The market is making gains in today’s session with the EGX30 Index soaring 1.33% to recording 9,577.67 points. Local and foreign institutions are net buyers at EGP28.73Mn and EGP27.31Mn respectively as opposed to Arab institutions that are net sellers at EGP28.96Mn. PHDC is leading the market in terms of turnover recording EGP58.20Mn, rallying 2.44 ... More

Market Warm-Up

02-09 09:16am

GOE to issue sovereign instruments worth USD11.2Bn, CBE keep interest rate figures unchanged
In light of the increase of inflation from 10.61% to 11.04% due to the rise in fuel prices, the government is seeking to issue T-bills and bonds worth EGP80.5Bn (USD11.2Bn).
Egypt's central bank kept its overnight deposit and lending rates ... More

News Watch

02/09 03:06 - ARCC Arabian Cement Company (ARCC.CA) The Listing committee

Company Name : Arabian Cement Company
ISIN Code : EGS3C0O1C016
Reuters Code : ARCC.CA
Content :
Referring to the violation of the ...More...

02/09 03:03 - SPIN Alexandria Spinning & Weaving (SPINALEX) (SPIN.CA) - Audit Committee Report And The Company Responde ...

Company Name : Alexandria Spinning & Weaving (SPINALEX)
ISIN Code : EGS32041C013
Reuters Code : SPIN.CA
Content :
Audit Committee ...More...

02/09 02:49 - EBDP Release from Al Bader Plastic (EBDP.CA) Responding to EGX Inquiries (NILEX)

Company Name : Al Bader Plastic
ISIN Code : EGS3A2Z1C015
Reuters Code : EBDP.CA
Content : Responding to EGX inquiries about the increas ...More...

02/09 02:46 - MOED Release from The Egyptian Modern Education Systems (MOED.CA) Responding to EGX Inquiries (NILEX)

Company Name : The Egyptian Modern Education Systems
ISIN Code : EGS729F1C012
Reuters Code : MOED.CA
Content : Responding to EGX inquir ...More...

02/09 02:06 - NRPD National Real Estate Bank for Development (NRPD.CA) - EFSA Release

Company Name: National Real Estate Bank for Development
ISIN Code: EGS65511C015
Reuters Code: NRPD.CA
Content: The Egyptian Financial S ...More...

02/09 02:05 - NRPD Resume of Trading on National Real Estate Bank for Development (NRPD.CA)

Company Name : National Real Estate Bank for Development ISIN Code : EGS65511C015 Reuters Code : NRPD.CA Content : EGX decided to resume trading on t ...More...

02/09 01:55 - EHDR Release Concerning Egyptians For Housing Development & Reconstruction (EHDR.CA) Concerning Selling 5 ...

Company Name : Egyptians For Housing Development & Reconstruction
ISIN Code : EGS65341C017
Reuters Code : EHDR.CA
Content :
A rel ...More...

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