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Sigma Market Watch

Closing Bell

22-10 03:23pm

The market made significant gains in todays session pushed by Moody's report concerning the change of five Egyptian banks outlook from negative to stable including Commercial International bank of Egypt-CIB (COMI) that soared 3.93% to close at EGP47.33 and led the market in terms of turnover recording EGP49.51Mn. The rating actions followed Moody ... More

Halfway Mark

22-10 12:28pm

The EGX30 Index is 1.85% up recording 8,793.01 points driven by buying activities on big cap CIB (COMI) thats leading the market in terms of turnover recording EGP18.15Mn, soaring 2.77% currently trading at EGP46.80. Foreign and Arab institutions are maintaining their buying strategy in todays session at EGP17.38Mn and EGP5.61Mn respectively as o ... More

Market Warm-Up

22-10 09:02am

First Solar to invest in Egypt; GoE targets budget deficit of 8% in 5 year
First Solars Middle East Executive Director said that the company is looking to start operating in Egypt by next year. Noting, the company headquartered in United States and is considered as one of the largest companies in the world for the production of solar e ... More

News Watch

22/10 03:29 - AJWA AJWA for Food Industries Company - Egypt (AJWA.CA) - AGM Minutes After Certification

Company Name : AJWA for Food Industries company - Egypt
ISIN Code : EGS30211C014
Reuters Code : AJWA.CA
Content : AGM minutes after cer ...More...

22/10 03:29 - DSCW Dice Sport & Casual Wear (DSCW.CA) Updated Form Concerning The Company's Latest Information

Company Name : Dice Sport & Casual Wear
ISIN Code : EGS33321C018
Reuters Code : DSCW.CA
Content :
Updated form concerning the com ...More...

22/10 03:27 - NCGC Nile Cotton Ginning (NCGC.CA) Disclosure Form for the BoD & the shareholders' structure

Company Name : Nile Cotton Ginning
ISIN Code : EGS32131C012
Reuters Code : NCGC.CA
Content :
the company sent its Disclosure Form ...More...

22/10 03:25 - EAST Eastern Tobacco (EAST.CA) AGM Minutes (Before Certification)

Company Name : Eastern Tobacco
ISIN Code : EGS37091C013
Reuters Code : EAST.CA
Content :
AGM minutes before certification

22/10 03:25 - DIFC International Dry Ice Company- Difco 2 (DIFC.CA) - Updated Form Concerning The Company's Latest Info ...

Company Name : International Dry Ice Company- Difco 2
ISIN Code : EGS30AJ1C016
Reuters Code : DIFC.CA
Content : Updated form concerning ...More...

22/10 03:24 - MHOT Release From Misr Hotels (MHOT.CA) Concerning A Meeting Invitation Board Of Directors

Company Name : Misr Hotels
ISIN Code : EGS70081C012
Reuters Code : MHOT.CA
Content :
Release From The company concerning a meeti ...More...

22/10 03:22 - MHOT Misr Hotels (MHOT.CA) Company's Reply On The Central Authority Of Accountancy Report

Company Name : Misr Hotels
ISIN Code : EGS70081C012
Reuters Code : MHOT.CA
Content :
Companys reply on the Central Authority of A ...More...

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