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Sigma Market Watch

Closing Bell

21-05 03:14pm

The EGX30 index closed 1.83% up in todays session, recording 8,988.03 points and a turnover of EGP757Mn.Local institutions and Arab retail investors were net buyers recoding a net flow of EGP116.47Mn and EGP14.60Mn, respectively, while foreign institutions and local retail investors were net sellers recording a net flow of EGP70.39Mn and EGP51.62M ... More

Halfway Mark

21-05 12:58pm

The market is making gains with the EGX30 index inching 1.96% up recording 8,999.30 points with a total turnover of EGP553Mn. The real estate sector is leading the market in terms of turnover which extended to EGP190.82Mn. AMER, PHDC, OCDI and MNHD are the most active stocks within this sector whose turnovers reached EGP51.25Mn, EGP33.33Mn, EGP28.1 ... More


21-05 09:12am

Ministry of housing to sign a partnership with Mountain View and Sisban; BG Groups pipeline between Egypt and Israel
The Ministry of Housing will sign a co-development agreement for projects in 6th of October and New Cairo in partnership with Mountain View and Saudi based Sisban Holding Company, revenues are estimated at EGP61Bn, whe ... More

News Watch

21/05 01:00 - EFID Release From Edita Food Industries S.A.E (EFID.CA) Concerning a Piece of Land

Company Name : Edita Food Industries S.A.E
ISIN Code : EGS305I1C011
Reuters Code : EFID.CA
Content : Release from the company stating t ...More...

21/05 12:22 - ELEC Resume of Trading on Electro Cable Egypt (ELEC.CA)

Company Name : Electro Cable Egypt ISIN Code : EGS3G231C011 Reuters Code : ELEC.CA Content EGX decided to resume trading on the company eff ...More...

21/05 12:21 - ELEC Release From Electro Cable Egypt (ELEC.CA) Responding To EGX Inquiries

Company Name : Electro Cable Egypt
ISIN Code : EGS3G231C011
Reuters Code : ELEC.CA
Content :
Responding to EGX inquiries concerni ...More...

21/05 11:32 - SWDY Resume of Trading on El sewedy Electric (SWDY.CA)

Company Name : El sewedy Electric ISIN Code : EGS3G0Z1C014 Reuters Code : SWDY.CA EGX decided to resume trading on the company effective 21/0 ...More...

21/05 11:32 - JUFO Release From Juhayna Food Industries (JUFO.CA) Concerning a New Joint Venture

Company Name : Juhayna Food Industries
ISIN Code : EGS30901C010
Reuters Code : JUFO.CA
Content : Release from the company regarding for ...More...

21/05 11:25 - EGCH Release from Egyptian Chemical Industries (Kima) (EGCH.CA) Concerning The Development Project Of The ...

Company Name : Egyptian Chemical Industries (Kima)
ISIN Code : EGS38201C017
Reuters Code : EGCH.CA
Content :
Release from the com ...More...

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